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Fight Sequence: Chapter 1 is the first set of an innovative newcomer to the fighting game genre, by Triple Rainbow Games. Players play as psychics constructing theoretical fights between them, represented by building sequences of actions which then resolve in reverse. 


Since you see each of your opponent's moves in advance, you have the ability to make the most advantageous counterplay given the thoughts [cards in hand] you currently have; nothing is guaranteed to stay built the way it is, though! Manipulating your opponent's actions is just as crucial as setting up your own plans!

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Turn-Based Combat

After each sequence is built, every action resolves in reverse order.


As psychics, you can see each other's moves in advance - giving you plenty of opportunity for counterplay!

Attack or Respond

Any card can be played offensively or defensively, so cards are never stuck in your hand and you can adjust your strategy on the fly...

Shift and Return

...or you can adjust your opponent's!

Shifting the positions of actions in the sequence can disrupt even the best-laid plans; move one of your attacks out from under an opponent's block, or reposition one of your defenses onto a more worthwhile target!

Returning actions from the sequence back to their owner's hand allows you to delay opponent's actions to future sequences, or replay your own beneficial effects!

Speed vs. Power

Do you try to maximize damage with slower attacks, or save them for their responses so you don't leave yourself wide open to counterattack?

Or do you try to minimize your opponent's options with faster attacks, dealing less damage but dictating the tempo of the sequence?

Every card in Fight Sequence has tradeoffs; the strength of any given action is contextual, not absolute!

Shuffle and Play!

No dice, paper, tokens, or deck construction required; just choose your characters, shuffle your decks, and go!

Your deck is your health, so setting up a game is as easy as pulling two decks from the box.


Hover over a character card to learn more about them!


The cast of Fight Sequence features a wide range of diversity, both in terms of their styles of play and their identities.

Purposeful, positive representation of as large an array of human identity/experience as possible is one of our primary missions.


The incredible talents of our Artistic Magician, Florencia Castro, brings our diverse cast to life!

A more in-depth look at the characters and their decks are coming soon! For now, you can hover over each character's card for a brief description of them :)

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Our estimated Kickstarter launch timeframe is October 2020!

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