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What IS Fight Sequence?

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Fight Sequence is an innovative newcomer to the fighting game genre, about a diverse cast of psychics THINKING about fighting!

Players build sequences of attacks and responses that resolve in reverse order, representing the ebb and flow of a theoretical fight the two psychics are constructing in their minds.

Planning your own moves isn't the only key to victory, however. Players have an array of psychic powers they can use to alter when - or if - actions in the sequence resolve! 

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Note: Many graphic design assets below are placeholders and subject to change.

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Turn-Based Combat


After each sequence is built, every action

resolves in reverse order.


As psychics, you can see each other's

moves in advance - giving you plenty of opportunity for counterplay!

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Attack or Respond


Any card can be played offensively or defensively, so cards are never stuck in

your hand, and you're never stuck with

one gameplan.

You can adjust your strategy on the fly...

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Shift and Return

...or you can adjust your opponent's!

Shift Icon.png

SHIFT where actions are in the sequence to disrupt defenses and change timing!

Shift GIF 2.gif
Return Icon.png

RETURN actions to hand to delay opponent's effects or replay your own!

Return GIF 2.gif

Speed vs. Power

Maximize damage with slower attacks, or save them for their responses so you don't leave yourself wide open to counterattack!

Minimize your opponent's options with faster attacks, dealing less damage but dictating the tempo of the sequence!

Every card in Fight Sequence has tradeoffs; the strength of any action is contextual, not absolute!

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Shuffle and Play!

No dice, paper, tokens, or deck construction required; just choose your characters, shuffle your decks, and go!

Your deck is your health, so setting up a game is as easy as pulling two decks from the box.

The Characters.png

Hover over a character card to learn more about them!


The cast of Fight Sequence features a wide range of diversity, both in terms of their styles of play and their identities.

Purposeful, positive representation of as large an array of human identity/experience as possible is one of our primary missions.


The incredible talents of our

Artistic Magician, Florencia Castro,

brings our diverse cast to life!

A more in-depth look at the characters and their decks are coming soon! For now, you can hover over each character's card for a brief description of them :)

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We're launching on

Kickstarter soon!

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