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Jamie Sabriel Flez


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Playtesting and Development

Rules Editing

Diversity Consulting

Sell Sheet Assistance

Prototype Design


New or independent designer? Self-publisher? Tight budget?

All of my non-contract services are pay what you want, no explanation needed.

[Established designers and publishers with game development contracts, message me for rates.]

Jamie has been in love with games for their entire life, and has been designing games almost as long. It started as a creative outlet when they were growing up, but their desire to design games for others to play has been a constant in their life. They designed their first hobby games to show to others in 2013, and never stopped. 

In 2018, they transitioned from a hobby designer to a professional one when they joined the Boston chapter of the Game Maker's Guild. There, they honed their design skills through playtesting a gamut of other games while constantly experimenting with and iterating on their own designs, learning what it takes to make a successful game and bring it to market.

When the pandemic started, Jamie established their game design studio Triple Rainbow Games to prepare for the launch of their first game, Fight Sequence. Fight Sequence has been in development for 3+ years and has thousands of hours of playtesting [both its own and other games'] behind it .

Their development in the world of board games didn't stop there - since then, they've been an active member and playtester of many board game Discord servers, became a moderator and event host for Break My Game, and is now one of the rotating co-hosts of the board game documentary podcast Building the Game.

Jamie lives and breathes board games, and their talent and experience as a playtester shows in every session.

Professional Playtesting and Game Development

As a playtester, developer, and designer, Jamie's expertise is in strategy games of all kinds, especially:

- Worker placement 

- Resource management

- Action economy

- Territory control

- Any sort of combat/conflict-resolution mechanic

- Any sort of math-based puzzle mechanic

- Strategy card games of any type

They have an affinity for a wide spectrum of strategy games, from two-player games with lots of interactivity to longer engine-builder euros where your primary opponent is the game system itself. 

Click the buttons below for examples of the feedback I provide at the end of each playtest:

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Pride Art Scaled.png

The cast of Jamie's game Fight Sequence celebrating Pride 2021

Diversity and
Sensitivity Consulting

As a queer, autistic, nonbinary person themselves, Jamie has the lived experience of what it feels like to be an "other." That experience has guided them in their mission to ensure as many people from as many different backgrounds and walks of life as possible feel welcome and celebrated at the table.

Jamie firmly believes that diverse representation makes games and the industry as a whole better for everyone, and would love to use their knowledge and experience of underrepresented demographics to help other designers create a more welcoming space for all!

Rules Editing and
Prototype Design

It's no secret that in order to succeed as an independent designer, you need to wear many hats. In the process of getting Fight Sequence to market, Jamie has developed a robust skillset they can utilize to help you make every aspect of your game that players interact with better - from technical and conversational rules editing to creating polished prototype layouts that save graphic designers hundreds of hours of work and energy on the final product.

Click this button to see an example of Jamie's preliminary rulebook work:

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Get in touch!

Each game is unique and varies in scope and services - send me an email for a free initial consultation and let me help you make your dream game a reality!

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