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Jamie has been in love with games for their entire life, and has been designing games almost as long. Before they were even in kindergarten, they were taught reading and arithmetic via console classics like Ocarina of Time and Chrono Trigger, and was inspired to design their first game after watching their family play through Super Mario Brothers 3. [It wasn't very balanced, but it DID keep them occupied for an entire summer!]

In 2018, they joined the Boston chapter of the Game Maker's Guild to help them develop the skills to get their ideas out into the world and champion the causes they care about - making board games that are engaging and highly-replayable, that create a sense of community around them, and that make the gaming community as a whole feel welcoming to people of all kinds. After an entire lifetime of feeling like an "other," they're eager to carve out a space in their favorite hobby where they - and anyone! - can feel welcome!

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Anders has been a lifelong fan of games, growing up with console classics like Donkey Kong Country and Super Smash Bros. before discovering Magic: the Gathering in high school. A competitive gamer at heart, he began reading every strategy article he could find. Eventually he branched out to the design articles for Magic, too, as they often talked about how overpowered cards made their way into production without getting caught.

Anders continued playing Magic in college, where he studied mathematics and engineering. [This is when Anders and Jamie met, at a local Magic tournament!] After graduation, his career as a data analyst began. January 2020 marked his completion of an MBA program, as well, and he now works as a Business Intelligence Engineer for his day job. He's thrilled to bring his analytics skillset and business acumen to a company built with diversity and progressive values at its core!

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Born in Buenos Aires, Florencia was drawing ever since she could hold up a pen. Obsessed with everything related to fantasy and constantly daydreaming, she was inspired by the worlds of Zelda, Tolkien, and her childhood cartoons to draw her favorite characters - which quickly transitioned to creating characters and worlds of her own!

After graduating high school, she went on to study multimedia design, where her love for art and all things nerdy continued to grow. She's excited about bringing all these different and diverse characters to life; she hopes that they'll resonate with players, and that they can feel represented and inspired by them!

You can see more of her art on her Instagram page!

What We Do.png

Triple Rainbow Games is a Boston-based board game design studio, currently working on bringing unique strategy games with diversity at the forefront to the global gaming community. It was formed with two interlocking missions as our driving force.


Our design mission is to explore unique and uncharted territory in the strategic spaces of gaming, while keeping our games accessible and approachable for players of any caliber.


Our social mission is to continuously improve the diversity of representation in games through leading by example.


The global gaming community includes

an enormous range of individuals, and we're invested in doing whatever we can to ensure gamers from any demographic or walk of life see themselves represented positively in games!

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One of the core principles that Triple Rainbow Games is founded on is the idea that businesses should support communities, not exploit them.

We're extremely passionate about being a force of good in the world, and will be continually building on ways to support, educate, and empower local and global gaming communities as we grow.

Once we're at the point where our game and product sales are profitable and we're a self-sustaining company, we're going to donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that support underprivileged and marginalized groups throughout the world, such as the AbleGamers Foundation,

Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood,

and The Network/La Red

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