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Terms of Use, Intro

Last updated June 6th, 2020

Preface and Disclaimer

Hi, thanks for visiting the Triple Rainbow Games site! This is a shorter version of the Terms of Use that we wrote to act as a translation guide from the wall of legal text that is the full Terms of Use.

The full Terms of Use are here!


Keep in mind these three very important points:


  • This web page doesn’t constitute the full Terms of Use.

  • By using and perusing the site and anything related to it, you’re still agreeing to all of the Terms of Use, even the ones not listed on this page.

  • This document only includes elements that reference or regard things that we personally feel will come up frequently/are common.

General Things

Changing the Terms: We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use at any time, and changes take effect immediately. If anything major changes, such as when we add an online store to the site, we’ll make it clear outside the Terms of Use that they’ve updated and you should check them out! Either way, the best way to tell is via the “Last updated” date you see at the very top of either version of the Terms of Use.


Age Limit: Triple Rainbow Games has every intention of being as welcoming as possible to everyone, but there may still be some content that’s inappropriate for younger audiences. In order to engage with the site, sign up for the mailing list, etc., you need to be at least 18 years old.

Intellectual Property

Everything on the site and related media is owned by us or licensed to us, and you can’t use any of it for commercial purposes without getting it from us in writing. This includes our logos, the text on the site/blog, the overall site design, and so on. Downloading the site or pieces of it for your own [non-commercial] use is okay, though.

Prohibited Things

The short version: no lying, cheating, stealing, hacking, or data scraping. This is definitely not a comprehensive list, but it covers the basics. There’s a longer list in the full Terms of Use; it’s pretty standard stuff. Basically, don’t be mean. Thanks!

Information and Contributions

This is expanded on more in the Privacy Policy, but essentially, you agree that by submitting any information to us [through our forms, via email, etc.] you agree that [1] you’re at least 18 years old, and [2] you consent to us storing the information you sent.


If you submit any feedback or suggestions, it implies you’re okay with us potentially implementing any changes based on it without crediting or compensating you. [We do really appreciate it! There just isn’t a good system to give shoutouts to everyone that helps.]


If you submit or send us actual materials [images, etc], it implies you agree to a whole slew of things listed on the full Terms of Use [the “Contributions License” section on page 6], but the gist of it is this:

  • you aren’t harming anyone with the content [us, yourself, anyone],

  • you aren’t breaking any laws by having created or submitted the content, and

  • the content is your own original work, not licensed out or stolen.


Additionally, anything you submit to us in regards to the site [questions, feedback, etc.] becomes our intellectual property, so please keep that in mind!

Third-Party Sites

We’ll have links, media, and various materials related to other sites on the Triple Rainbow Games pages. Each of those sites has their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and once you navigate away from our site and onto theirs, you’re now governed by their policies.


Once you navigate away from Triple Rainbow Games, we’re not liable for anything you see or download, but it’s almost exclusively charities and organizations doing great work in the world so we doubt you’d ever have to worry about what you see on those sites. It’s still an important set of rules to keep in mind, though.

Site Management

If you violate any of the Terms of Use, we’ll be sad. Please don’t do it. If you do, we’ll have to start doing things like blocking your IP address and getting law enforcement involved. It’s not fun.

Governing Law

Triple Rainbow Games is based in Massachusetts, USA, so that’s where its laws are based too.

Electronic Communications

If you send us email or fill out any forms, you implicitly consent to receive communications from us in return. If you need to get in touch with someone to talk about the Terms, the site, or Triple Rainbow Games in general, you can email Jamie at

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