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After each sequence is built, every Action resolves in reverse order.

As psychics, you can see your opponent's moves as they're planned, giving you plenty of opportunity for counterplay!

Turn-Based Combat

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Any card can be played offensively or defensively, so cards are never stuck in your hand, and you're never stuck with one gameplan.

You can adjust your strategy on the fly...

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...or you can adjust your opponent's!

Attack or Respond

Shift and Return

No dice, paper, tokens, or deck construction required; just choose your character, shuffle your deck, and go!

Your deck is your health, so setting up a game is as easy as putting two decks on the table.

Shuffle and Play!

Maximize damage from slower attacks, or save them for their defensive responses so you don't leave yourself wide open to counterattack!

Minimize your opponent's options with faster attacks, dealing less damage but controlling the tempo of the sequence!

Every card in Fight Sequence has tradeoffs; the strength of any Action is contextual, not absolute!

Play the Demo!

Speed vs Power

Grab an online friend and head to or Tabletopia to play the current version of the prototype Academy decks!

These are more streamlined decks designed to ease players into the gameplay of Fight Sequence before they dive into the additional rules, effects, and card types of the Character decks.

The online demos for the Character deck prototypes are in development!

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