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Launching on Kickstarter Later This Year!

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Fight Sequence is an innovative newcomer to the fighting game genre, about a diverse cast of psychics THINKING about fighting!

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Players build sequences of attacks and responses that resolve in reverse order, representing the ebb and flow of a theoretical fight the two psychics are constructing in their minds.

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Planning your own moves isn't the only key to victory. Players have an array of psychic powers they can use to alter when - or if - actions in the sequence resolve!

Launching on Kickstarter later this year!

Note: Many graphic design assets are placeholders and subject to change.

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Grab an online friend and head to or Tabletopia to play the current version of the prototype Academy decks!

These are more streamlined decks designed to ease players into the gameplay of Fight Sequence before they dive into the additional rules, effects, and card types of the Character decks.

The online demos for the Character deck prototypes are in development!

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